Hello CFS Community!
First of all, it is a great pleasure for us to embark on this special journey with you and work together to enhance Car For Sale Simulator. Your love and support continue to contribute to the growth of this game each day, and we want to express our gratitude to you.

Today, we are excited to bring you some major announcements! Our developments and updates have not ceased, and what we are sharing with you today will take Car For Sale Simulator to the next level.

Big News Incoming!

We are thrilled to excite you and let you taste some dust with our announcement! Car For Sale Simulator 2023 will soon be updated with an enhanced drift map, inviting you to an adrenaline-pumping driving experience.

What is a Drift Map?

If you enjoy burning rubber in fast turns and feeling like a master drifter with fantastic spins, this update is perfect for you. With this drift experience set in high mountain roads, forested areas, and city streets with scenic views, realistic physics and visuals will take you to adrenaline-filled moments.

  • Enhanced Physics Engine: Thanks to the revamped physics engine, each wheel of your vehicle will dance with the dirt, providing a realistic driving sensation.
  • Impressive Scenery: As you descend from the peaks of mountains, you’ll have the opportunity to drift amid breathtaking landscapes. City lights, the greenery of the forest, and more await you.

Now, you won’t only be racing against your competitors but also participating in breathtaking tandem drift races with them! In these races happening in challenging areas of the map, showcase both your speed and drifting skills to seize victory. Test yourself in a competitive atmosphere and secure your place on the leaderboards.

  • Drift Races: Enjoy thrilling drift races while competing with your rivals.
  • Special Rewards: Earn special rewards when you achieve success in races and use them to further enhance your vehicle.

We are now overhauling every part of your vehicle! With the revamped car mechanics, steering control, brake responses, and suspension behaviors are more realistic and authentic. Feel the reactions of your vehicle on all types of terrain and maximize its grip on the road.

Updated Sound Effects:
Sound effects have been updated to reflect every movement of your vehicle. Details like the power of the engine, the tires gripping the road, and the sound of the brakes will immerse you into the game.

Test Your Drifting Skills:
With the new mechanics, drifting is now more enjoyable and realistic! Swing the tail of your vehicle in turns, feel the tires sliding on the road, and become a true drift master.

The new shader brings out every detail of your vehicle. Metal surfaces shine, colors come to life, and lighting effects become more impressive, turning every moment into a work of art. This visual experience takes your game to the next level.

Realistic Dirt and Rust Effects:
Vehicles will now realistically accumulate mud, dust, and raindrops. Additionally, over time, your vehicles will rust and become more sensitive to environmental effects. This feature makes the aging process of your vehicles more convincing.

Realism in Colors:
The color of your vehicle becomes more realistic with changing tones in the sunlight. Color transitions and reflections offer a unique visual richness, making your vehicle look different from every angle.

New Cities and Towns:
Our new map welcomes you with two major cities and five towns, each filled with its unique atmosphere and features. While cities offer tall buildings, luxury galleries, and homes, towns provide warm environments and friendly places.

Create Your Home and Gallery:
You will start in towns and gradually own houses and galleries in cities. Customize your homes, decorate your galleries, and personalize your presence in the gaming world. Our new map provides a vast area for you to create your own gaming story.

City Visits for Exclusive Cars:
Luxury cars won’t be found in towns, but if you want to see rare and special cars, you’ll need to visit cities. In city galleries, you’ll have the opportunity to explore stunning cars and expand your collection.

Brand New Locations:
Our new map includes various and exciting locations. Tunnel-filled mountain passes, fast highways, cool seaside views, breathtaking mountain views, active ports, and lively train stations await you. Explore every corner of the game world!

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